May 24, 2023
The Growth of Golf across the Valley spurs $6 billion economic boost while staying environmentally friendly
In This News Story: Rounds Consulting

Phoenix Business Journal – Golf’s growth across Valley spurs $6 billion economic boost while staying environmentally friendly

Snowbirds flock to Arizona every year seeking a break from the cold weather throughout the winter in a unique area of the country that receives sunshine and springtime weather during the coldest months of the year.

With an influx of people getting outside during the winter and throughout the year, it’s no surprise that the golf industry has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the state’s economy.

Arizona is home to over 370 golf courses, where players completed over 16 million rounds and generated over $6 billion in 2021, according to a Rounds Consulting Group report on the golf industry. Rounds’ data comprises not only golf courses but repair shops, brand stores and other golf-related businesses.

“There’s basically three main categories (of the report),” said Luis Cordova, the Vice President and COO of Rounds Consulting Group. “There’s the golf courses themselves, so all the activity that goes on in golf courses. Then there’s the tourism component, so Arizona gets a lot of golfers from across the country, so that has another economic impact. And then outside of that, there are all these golf-related businesses in Arizona.”

The Rounds Consulting Group was assigned by the Arizona Alliance of Golf to create the economic model using the three areas of research. The AAG’s mission is to educate Arizonans about the benefits of the golfing industry for not only local golfers but for the entire community.


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