Brandtly Thornton

Senior Economist and Policy Analyst

Mr. Thornton’s has expertise ranges from economic and public policy research to data analysis and economic modeling. As a Senior Economist, Brandtly also assists in maintaining the firm databases and conducts routine data collection to ensure updated and accurate data is used when producing economic forecasts. Brandtly has experience in providing economic, demographic and revenue analyses and forecasts for Arizona counties and localities; market and feasibility studies that include commercial, residential and industrial development research; occupation and wage analysis that provides insight and direction to forthcoming economic development programs; and long term strategic economic development and community planning.

Brandtly assists in creating economic impact models for the firm. Ranging from business operations, commercial and residential development, public policy incentives, business development and expansion, and GPLET projects. These models measure the economic and fiscal impacts of new economic activity within a given area. Prior to joining Rounds Consulting Group, Brandtly worked in the financial services industry as a corporate actions analyst for Northern Trust. 

Brandtly is fluent in Spanish and is a member of the Arizona Association for Economic Development. Brandtly attended Brigham Young University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.