Diya Murthy

Economist Research Intern

As an Economic Research and Analysis Intern, Diya works closely with RCG staff and performs a variety of tasks ranging from data collection, research, and collaboration on team projects. She tracks unemployment statistics, gross domestic product data, population growth, employment industry projections, and other data related to both public and private markets. Diya collects information from a local, statewide, and national perceptive. Diya has researched important background information and data for a variety of impact and market studies, as well as economic forecasting projects.

She has researched economic programs and their outcomes and impact on a local, state, and national level. Diya is currently a student at Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Economics. Diya has experience interning with the Arizona State Senate, where she aided senators in the Judiciary Committee and Health and Human Services Committee. Diya is very familiar with the breakdown and division of local and state budgets; she has learned about the importance of economic forecasting for infrastructure, health, environmental programs, etc.

While interning with an Asian-American political nonprofit in Washington, DC in 2022, Diya also took a Public Policy in Economics course through George Mason University, where she studied the effect of government intervention on a market economy, including the history of successful and unsuccessful government programs. In her free time, Diya loves to go on runs, scrapbook, and listen to music.