August 28, 2023
The Economic Contribution of Arizona’s Golf Industry

Executive Summary

Golf is integral to life in Arizona. The desert landscape and temperate climate create ideal conditions for players and enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Each year, millions of rounds of golf are played by both Arizona residents and out-of-town visitors. However, the importance of the golf industry extends far beyond the sport itself.

The golf industry in Arizona impacts a variety of other sectors across the statewide economy. For example, golf directly supports business operations and creates jobs in the tourism, retail, and manufacturing industries, to name a few.

Additionally, the golf industry has been and will continue to be an effective advocate for promoting sustainability throughout Arizona by developing new systems and technologies that enhance water conservation and help reduce the harmful impacts of the heat island effect that occur in the urban areas of the State.

In 2020, Rounds Consulting Group, in partnership with the Arizona Alliance for Golf, conducted a study of Arizona’s golf industry. That report captured and quantified all the activity and business operations that are both directly and indirectly influenced by Arizona’s golf industry.

The following report contains the findings from an analysis of the golf industry and highlights the total economic value of the golf industry in 2021 and how the golf industry’s recent performance compares to its performance in a previous analysis of 2019.

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